Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO):

The expenses of identifying, screening, hiring and other HR expenses in today’s competitive environment are a major concern to many organizations. The HR cost – center is looking for ways to cost reduction and perform with efficiency. Hiring the right candidate at right time would make difference in success of your business.

Fortuneplus has excelled in identifying the right candidate and right time with Light skill – set in a very cost effective way. We focus on the unique needs of your company and your industry to become your partner in the sourcing and hiring process by help clients achieve improvement in four areas of quality, cost, service, and speed.

Fortuneplus adds value:

  • Quality assurance through proven multi – step pre -screening methodology
  • Reasonable good Hit Rate due to our Quality Recruitment Process
  • Placement of any IT skills at any level happens within a week
  • Interview outsourcing as well as pre – interview of candidates before sending candidate’s profile to client.
  • Internal Background check mechanism to avoid any fake profile to come into system
  • Focused and vendor location interview to cater to niche and immediate requirement
  • Specialized hunting practice on a target company, target niche skills or based on any specific demand from client.